Why physical and mental health is important in the army?

Physical exercise is important to maintain physical condition in the army. It can contribute positively to maintaining a healthy weight. The development and maintenance of bone density, muscle strength, and joint mobility. Also, it many numerous processes.

Exercise is essential for the maintenance of health and is also a powerful means of personal satisfaction. But, the automatism that prevails in industrialized societies has been a terrible attack on the soldiers being’s body-spirit balance. Know why physical and mental health is important in the army.

The importance of good health in the Army

I believe that well-being is the most important thing in the Army. And staying healthy is an easier way to get there. For example, if you constantly intoxicate the body, the body will learn to depend on toxicity. If you regularly do it, the body will take it as a cycle, leaving you uncomfortable after being sober. So, you depend on wellness for something you don’t need.

When you gain independence from a substance, then you get to call it a good habit. For example, stop drinking Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and other poisonous drinks like theirs. Because you realize how harmful these drinks are. So whether the body is affected by these things or not, the mind is a different universe. But physical and mental health in the army when they get together keep you sober and that’s the best state.

The difference between being healthy and being fit in the army

Being healthy could mean that you don’t have any serious illness or disease and can do what you are supposed to do easily. Being fit can mean that you are full of physical energy and inspired to take action. Even on physical tasks and mentally difficult ones and at the end of a very hectic day, say at work. You join your Army program that you are capable of doing everything they propose.

If you are not in good physical condition, you can suffer the following consequences:

  • Anxiety, stress, and feelings of depression
  • High Blood Pressure, Coronary Disease, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Colon Cancer, and Obesity

Health is a fundamental and key prerequisite for our life. Health is like a car and life is like a journey in it. To start the car and move forward, the car must be in good condition. In the same way, to start Life and Live it to the fullest, health is inevitable. Otherwise, we cannot have the perfect training session and 100% of living is not possible. When we say health, it is both physical and mental health in the army. Without health, doing whatever, getting whatever, and acquiring whatever, living with the greatest possible Joy is impossible.

The importance of mental health in the Army

It is very difficult to try to control your mind when it is supposed to control you. If I tell you not to think of a dog, surely the first thing you have done is to imagine the animal. We tend to judgemental illnesses because we think they have an easy solution. Their symptoms do not seem serious at first glance, but they are not. Mental health is just as important or even more than physical in the army.

Mental health is highly related to the social sphere since it a stressful, exclusive, and aggressive. The coexistence space prevents good personal and professional development. Also to the social sphere, we must not forget that multiple psychological and biological factors affect people’s mental health.

Resilience is the key to overcome

When we speak of resilience, we refer to the ability to know how to go through difficult episodes that may arise in our lives, allowing us to adapt. That is why during a situation like the one we are experiencing. It is important to know how to recognize the signs of stress and learn to take measures to develop this resilience. It helps to manage training stress.

On the other hand, it is also important for all soldiers to adopt authentic measures for the care of their mental health. Taking advantage of all the resources at their disposal. At the army, the Mental Health Plan of the Occupational Safety and Health Department guarantees compliance with measures. It ensures a safe and healthy environment for all soldiers.

Communication is key in this process to maximize the aid mechanisms that allow us to face this crisis in the best way. Likewise, as workers, it is also necessary to create habits within the imposed routine that allow adapting more easily. That helps avoid being aware of the news or repeatedly talking about the pandemic at camp.

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