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Why Army Is The Only Skill You Really Need

A military training attracts you, but you hesitate to get started? To help you take the plunge, as nearly 15,000 young people in the Army do every year, here is a (non-exhaustive) list of advantages offered by training in this army.

Train for free

By choosing the Army, you benefit from free training. This is most often organized in two stages. First of all, a general training lasting 4 to 6 months within the Initial Training Center for the rank and file (CFIM) to learn the fundamentals of the profession of a soldier; then a specialized training of a few weeks to several months, which allows acquiring technical and professional skills specific to a field of activity. Whether or not you hold the baccalaureate or any other higher education diploma, the Army will assist you in identifying the training that best suits you.

Get a contract

At a time when many young people are sometimes struggling to find an employer, as soon as you join the ranks of the Army, you sign a contract to be trained. For example, under the status of volunteer ( VDAT ), you commit for 1 year. The contract can then be renewed for 2, 3 or 5 years to confirm your wish to pursue a military career. It will of course be possible for you, depending on your motivation and your merit, to climb the ranks to become an officer.

Benefit from a salary in the Army

Who says the contract, says remuneration! For Army Volunteers ( EVAT ), the pay starts at $ 1,315 net/month. On the basis of income received in 2019 by a single soldier without children. For non-commissioned officers, it is 1,480 $ net/month. Finally, for officers (from lieutenant to lieutenant-colonel), salaries range up to $ 3,600 net/month. Whatever his grade, financial allowances are also received during external operations.

Have accommodation

In addition to a contract and a salary, the Army accommodates you. All the soldiers in training are in fact accommodated and fed free of charge in regiments. This accommodation is possible up to the rank of master corporal. After 6 months, however, you can choose to stay in civilian life, at your own expense.

Learn a trade with the Army

The variety of training and professional perspectives offered by the Army is often overlooked. However, this army recruits in various trades, and that in a hundred specialties! Among the openings, we find those specific to the army ( tank fighter, artilleryman, etc.) but also those of the civilian ( communicator, recruiter, cook, computer scientist …). Noémie, for example, chose to learn the trade of a mechanic: “I didn’t have the diploma but knowledge, and that’s all that matters. » Kevin, he opted for the intelligence profession after a BTS in IT.

Practice a variety of sports activities

Physical training is essential in the operational preparation of a soldier. However, you do not necessarily have to be “a great athlete” to join the Army. When recruiting, your level will be assessed during various sporting events and this will also determine your assignment. Then, from initial training to operational deployments. Including training within the regiments, you will of course have to maintain a certain physical condition.

To make friends

Joining the Army also means forging human links. Within a regiment and throughout your training, you will be in contact almost 24 hours a day with other young people who, like you, will have the same experience. Team spirit, sharing, cohesion. So many values ​​that will bring you together and which will certainly allow you to form strong friendships for life.

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