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The 3 hardest physical workouts in the world

Do you go to the gym? Do you do Crossfit? Are you a regular on the Spartan Race? Your body and your mind thank you. The time – and money – you invest benefit your physical and mental health.

Although, have you ever thought about taking it a step further? Take your body to exceed its own limit to defend your country or for the desire to excel. There are workouts that prepare your body and mind to face the most extreme obstacles.

These are some of the toughest workouts out there:

Become A Marine

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of extreme training is the US Marines. There are many occasions on which we have seen the harsh training that the soldiers of this elite military corps undergo thanks to Hollywood cinema. To access it, you have to undergo the very tough official tests, which last more than 3 months (13 weeks). Aspirants must know and exceed the limits of their body and mind to overcome them.

Soldiers Of The Marine Corps Participate In A Landing Operation.

During this training, as explained on the Marine website, the recruits are trained not to hesitate and act urgently. They are taught not to think twice. To achieve this, they are subjected to extreme tests such as being placed in a gas chamber with masks for up to five minutes. Inside the chamber, they are made to remove their masks and put them back on so that they can feel the harmful effects of it. Although it is not a lethal gas, it is tear gas and produces severe cough reactions and minor skin burns.

Another of the tests is The Crucible. It is the final test and the culmination of 13 weeks of training. Recruits are subjected to 54 hours of uninterrupted testing and war simulations, “until the arms and legs are on fire.” They only have 6 hours of sleep and are partially deprived of food and water. If passed, the recruit officially becomes a Marine.

SAS: The Hardest In The World

The entrance exams to the British Special Forces or SAS (Special Air Service) are known as the toughest in the world. As in American tests, recruits are subjected to extreme tests of physical prowess and stress. They develop for two months, one month in the mountains and one month in the jungle. One of the data that shows that it is the hardest training in the world is the number of recruits who do not exceed it: 90%. Among other things, the importance of staying hydrated is taught: dehydration leads to poor, life-threatening decisions.

British Special Forces Soldiers During A Rescue Operation.

Recognized as the hardest part of the tests, the “Long March” consists of an endurance test in which the recruits have to run for 40 miles with a backpack that weighs 25 kilos, in addition to the weapon and the water bottle.

After the tragic death of several recruits by extreme temperatures during the tests, it was decided to soften them.

Almost Unbeatable Evidence

There are tests that are part of other training that would be able to send us to the hospital to the common people:

  • The South Korean army has trained its soldiers in environments with temperatures of 20 degrees below zero. Crossing frozen rivers rifle in hand.
  • Shaolin monks take their heads and necks to the extreme to strengthen them. They keep their head on the ground supporting the weight of their entire body for hours.

A Shaolin Monk Offers A Demonstration Of His Skills To Tourists At His Training Temple.

  • One of the entrance tests to the Navy Seals (a military body even more elite than the Marines) is the “Torture of Surfing”. It consists of lying on the seashore with your head towards the water. So that this, at a temperature of 18 degrees, invades the head with the constant waves. And again.

One thing is clear, humans who voluntarily submit to this type of extreme training, do it “with a pair.”

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