Values ​​of the Heroic Military Life

Institutional Values ​​of the Heroic Military Life

Military values ​​are concepts that describe the behavior that generates the common good, their performance depends to a large extent, the success in the fulfillment of various missions and acts of service.


It is the feeling that prompts us to fulfill our duties; the military man must find in his own honor, the necessary stimulus to fulfill his duty with excess; It is the noblest stimulus of military courage, it represents respect for oneself, the exercise of virtue, duty and righteousness, it indicates what we must do, but above all what we must avoid; the basis of honor is in our hearts, as loyal, dignified and upright soldiers, unchangeable in the performance of our duty.


It is the sincere, voluntary, and infallible devotion to a cause and bears a close analogy with selflessness and is fostered by sympathy, sincerity, frankness, and sustained by justice.


It is love for the homeland, for Mexico, for its traditions, history, and values. It is respect for the flag and the national anthem. The most honorable thing for a soldier is to lose his life for the country. As soldiers, love of the country is to the last breath.


It is the spirit that governs the soldier in all acts of service; Military courage allows any risk to be successfully resolved and faced.


It is putting service before private interests, it is the sacrifice of the soldier for the Homeland; It is the fulfillment of duty at any time, weather or terrain without expecting any reward, only the satisfaction of the duty accomplished.

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